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Tailor-made travel experiences in Finland - Travel in Finland
Tailor-made travel experiences in Finland - Sauna, nature tours, cottage holidays, husky safaries etc. Call us + 35840
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  1. Tailor-made travel experiences in Finland
  2. Welcome to travel and discover true Finland  - Let us inspire you with nature
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  1. We organize your holidays in Finland
  2. Example packages
  3. When you book a holiday with us, we take responsibility for the climate and plant a new tree for every booking. Let´s take care of our planet together!
  4. Cottage holidays
  5. Book now your own  winter holiday and sauna experiences!
  6. Activities
  7. Travel in Finland
  8. Contact us
  9. Call us
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  1. This short break is to ground you – 4 nights with activities, half board and spa
  2. Finnish National parks, cottage accommodation and essential winter activities - self drive tour ( 7 nights)
  3. 8 days Husky Holiday - Be a musher of Bears trail
  4. 3 nights private Husky Adventure - Experience the life of Husky adventurer
  5. Three National Parks Self-Drive tour – Enjoy the nature ( 7 nights)
  6. Pearls of wilderness - Visit and experience three wilderness lifestyles ( 5 nights)
  7. An Authentic Winter Wonderland | Cosy, Private Winter Cottage (7 Nights)
  8. Finnish summer cottage with rental car/ 7 nights
  9. Fishing Holiday - Self guided with cottage, motor boat and rental car / 7 nights
  10. Private all inclusive Fishing Holiday - 4 nights.
  11. Winter Cabin Holiday - Arctic Activities in Tranquility / 7 nights
  12. Day as a Husky Musher | Private Tour
  13. 4-Hour Husky Adventure
  14. Private Smoke Sauna and Wilderness Dining by a Fire
  15. Snowshoeing in Koli National Park | Get the Koli Spirit
  16. River Rafting and Local Delicacies
  17. Wildlife Watching – Spend a Night in a Wildlife Watching Hut
  18. Finland Travel Company Oy
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