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Nidos – Easiest way to organize your work – All in one: CRM, Project Management, ERP, ECM, time tracking, invoicing…
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  1. Sales, Customer Data, ERP, Invoicing...
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  1. There are many kinds of trees, pines, birches, firs, alders and so on... Almost as many as there are different programs to manage your daily work. Nidos sees the bigger picture, the whole forest and binds everything together.
  2. Nidos SaaS web-based service
  3. Nidos project management tool.
  4. Who would benefit from Nidos?
  5. All in one: CRM, Project Management, ERP, ECM, time tracking, invoicing…
  6. Upload your contacts plus connect with Google Calendar
  7. Nidos free
  8. Contacts and sales management tool for small and medium-size businesses.
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  1. We are at your service
  2. Sales
  3. Project management
  4. Marketing
  5. Head of financial
  6. From desktop you're able to see
  7. notifications and graphs about your sales.
  8. You're also able to see what is most important
  9. and how you should react.
  10. You can import your data from your database
  11. and create groups and lists.
  12. You can then create personalized
  13. emails and follow their reactions.
  14. You can manage your own time
  15. as well as use group calendars.
  16. Google calendar sync is available
  17. and you can import pending contacts.
  18. Take care of your whole sales process
  19. from lead to invoicing.
  20. You can also see the most important
  21. ones that you should react immediately.
  22. With Nidos you can do just about anything, from the first contact to a successful customer relationship.
  23. € / month
  24. Nidos Oy
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  1. Effective sales process from lead to invoicing. See the whole sales process in one view and organise your work better. Save hours of time. 
  2. Real-time view of projects and the ability to share documents and files between different users. Track time to see the total amount of hours spent.
  3. Upload and host customer data and use it to generate group emails. See the conversion process and create lists. GDPR friendly.
  4. Company metrics in one view. Don’t guess, see what’s happening in real time. Invoice your customers from the same system as you monitor your sales.
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